Shocking best jobs you did not know about.

Shocking jobs you didn't know about

Here’s some the best jobs you could ever be paid for:)

  1. Mattress Jumper – Compress them just right. ;D
  2. Toy Tester – make sure those pleasurable moments are well enjoyed!.
  3. Water Slide Tester – make sure water slides are as awesome as they could be, and safe!
  4. Ice-cream tester – yummmmmmy!!! Lol Pauly would love this.
  5. zomg Chocolate testing??? Forrrrr suuuuuree lol
  6. Well if you don’t have allergies… you could be a cat café owner people seem to pay for cofee and petting coffee ;D
  7. Interior designer for private jets.
  8. Video Game testing ( I believe turbine is looking for some actually.)
  9. You could be a pet masseuse lol.
  10. Finally lol… you could be a panda nann, one whom takes cares of pandas..

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