Sony Playstation Network Attacked Again!

Sony’s PlayStation Network was attacked with a magnitude of Denial-Of-Service attempts several days before a top executive for Sony was threatened with a bomb while flying American Airlines.

playstation photo
Photo by PseudoGil

Sony’s blog reports that none of the PlayStation Network’s 50 million user account data was breached, and remains in safe hands.  Sony claims they have no evidence of any intrusion on their network.

The hacker(s) claiming to have performed this attack follow under the twitter handle: @LizardSquad whom believes that the PSN is unsafe for noble users and is trying to prove it by exploiting any PSN Vulnerabilities.

Just took Vatican City offline, all kuffar shall die.

He/They even claim to have taken the Vatican City Website offline in one tweet and is even targeting Microsoft’s Xbox Live.

6.0 Earthquake Smacks California

Near the North Shore of San Pablo bay a new earthquake made its presence yesterday.

san andreas fault photo
Photo by martinluff

This earthquake lays within a set of major faults along the Sand Andreas Fault which forms a boundary between the Pacific and North American Tectonic Plates.

Nearby cities:

  • American Canyon, CA
  • Vallejo, CA
  • Sonoma, CA
  • Sacramento, Ca

Earthquakes can be quite devastating including the loss of life from buildings collapsing, and sink holes.

 For more information concerning this quake, please visit here.

Shocking best jobs you did not know about.

Shocking jobs you didn't know about

Here’s some the best jobs you could ever be paid for:)

  1. Mattress Jumper – Compress them just right. ;D
  2. Toy Tester – make sure those pleasurable moments are well enjoyed!.
  3. Water Slide Tester – make sure water slides are as awesome as they could be, and safe!
  4. Ice-cream tester – yummmmmmy!!! Lol Pauly would love this.
  5. zomg Chocolate testing??? Forrrrr suuuuuree lol
  6. Well if you don’t have allergies… you could be a cat café owner people seem to pay for cofee and petting coffee ;D
  7. Interior designer for private jets.
  8. Video Game testing ( I believe turbine is looking for some actually.)
  9. You could be a pet masseuse lol.
  10. Finally lol… you could be a panda nann, one whom takes cares of pandas..

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